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H.O.W. was this blog born? Funny you should ask.  H.O.W. stands for Heart of wHISdom (in case it wasn’t totally obvious).

Picture it: Toronto, Sunday 26 December 2010 – 11:20am. It is Sunday Worship Service and as the congregation is engaged in the Responsive Reading, the Armenian phrase “imasdoutian seerduh” (loosely translated: wisdom of the heart) strikes a chord deep within me. As I quickly refer to my Bible, I read the words of Psalm 90. As the Service continues, the words just grow inside of me (taking root).

In fact, even before arriving at the Service that morning, I am talking with God. I am bringing an issue before Him, giving it to Him and then taking it back. I am realizing that this issue is like Paul’s “thorn” (from 2 Corinthians 12); it is something I live with and that God will help me deal with it. As the pastor begins the sermon, I am in shock to find that it is from 2 Corinthians 12 and is about why we have thorns in our lives (more or less).

To say I was in shock at the “coincidence” would be an understatement. I recorded the following in my sermon notebook (yes, I have a sermon notebook): “I am in shock. First, we sang “Change My Heart, O God” and now the passage is the “thorn” in my side that I was talking to God about on the drive to church. O, Lord, YOU are here!!! Praise You, alone!!!”

Then, at the end of the sermon, an overwhelming sense of the presence of God. I wrote: “When I felt shock at the beginning of the sermon, I now feel LOVE. Lord, I feel You saying that You are fighting for me – to constantly remind me that You LOVE me and that I don’t have to be self-reliant or in control because You are Whom I rely on and You are in control even before I can think or imagine that I should control this or that. I am overwhelmed and enveloped in Your holy love and flooded with a peace that just makes me want to SHOUT “How Great Is My God”, how faithful, how wonderful beyond all measure!” I am walking on air, reassured by the Holy Spirit.

About two hours later, I arrive home. I failed to mention that we had had Communion during Worship Service as well. In preparation for Communion, some people fast. Fasting before Communion is not something I have consciously tried to do, but it kept coming to mind. And that Sunday morning, I was ravenous. I remember making a lovely omlette and drinking tea (all the while thinking it odd that I would be so “rebellious” toward, or even remember, a Communion “tradition” I had never really kept and finding it strange that I somehow made time to actually drink tea on a Sunday morning). Now at home, I rinse my tea mug so that I can have another cup, only to find the shape of a heart has formed from the residue of the tea (take a closer look at the banner – in case you missed it).

In typical fashion, I don’t piece together what God has done until many hours have passed. I then realize that Psalm 90 coupled with the “sign” at the bottom of my mug at a time when the “thorn”-y issues abounded, all point to God speaking.

That is HOW this blog was born, HOW I was finally sure that this was the blog God intended (even as I set out unsure of the complete layout). To be clear, I am not claiming to read God’s mind;  rather, I am seeing Him lead in such an extraordinary way and being attentive to His leading when He so beautifully lays out all the pieces.

As it continues to take shape, the purpose of this blog will be to know God better, and in so doing, to have a Heart of wHISdom.

Won’t you join me?

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